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Insight Healing Strategies

“Helping You Align with Your TRUE Potential”

  • Would you like to align with your life’s purpose and TRUE potential?
  • Are you looking to clear the energy blocks and repeating patterns that get in the way of living a life full of power and heart filled choices?

Meet Jennifer Sifert, Shamanic Practitioner

Healer – Coach – Mentor

Jennifer has been studying healing modalities and searching for her True Life Task Work (true purpose) in life from a young age. When Jennifer was 19 years old a life changing event happened and during that time, she knew there was more to life and started searching for meaning. Jennifer started studying different spiritual traditions, practices, mediation exercises and disciplines.

In 2011 Jennifer started training with The Power Path School of Shamanism in New Mexico, USA. She completed their intensive One Year Shamanic Studies Program in 2014 and has gone on to complete their 3 different Advanced Practitioner Training Programs. She continues her studies with The Power Path and studies with the Indigenous Shipibo Shamans of Peru and the Indigenous Huichol tradition from Mexico regularly.

Jennifer is also an attuned Reiki Master and uses Reiki as one of her healing tools.

Additionally, Jennifer is a Chartered Professional Accountant and works with many small to medium sized businesses and clients. Jennifer believes her professional career adds to her shamanic practitioner work; finances, success and prosperity are one of the many areas in life that everyone wants to improve to bring more joy and satisfaction to their lives. Jennifer has been practicing accounting since 2005.

Jennifer also trains horses in her family business and has a strong connection with horses.

Jennifer is always upgrading and learning, currently she is enrolled in “The Woman’s Shamanic Coaching Program”, an online 12 session training course with The Power Path.

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What is a Shamanic Healing and How Does it Work?

Working with a Shamanic Practitioner and receiving a Shamanic Healing can:

A Shamanic Practitioner is trained to facilitate Spirit and Light and works with Shamanic Tools and Allies during a healing session.

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What is Shamanism?

Shamanism is based on the belief that everything is Spirit. A Shamanic Practitioner views your issues in a neutral way and is guided by Spirit during a session and therefore uses the tools and allies as directed intuitively.