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Insight Healing Strategies

“Helping You Align with Your TRUE Potential”

Working with Jennifer Sifert, Shamanic Practitioner

Healer – Coach – Mentor

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Jennifer's Medicine

Every shamanic practitioner has their own medicine. Jennifer’s medicine includes facilitating SPIRIT, animal and plant medicine allies, as well as ascended masters and guides. During a remote or in-person healing session, Jennifer will intuit what tools or allies want to work with you and then sing Icaros (sacred healing songs) to bring in the ally (SPIRIT) to facilitate the healing.

During a healing Jennifer has many tools to choose from and some of her tools include:

With these different tools many different practices or healing techniques can be employed during a session as required or intuited.

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Shamanic Tools

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Choosing a healing session:

Remote Healing Session – 30 minutes

Available in Pacific Standard Time – available to clients in Canada and the United States

In Person Healing Session – 1 Hour

A remote session is just as effective as an in-person session, here are some testimonials.

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Discipline Training Strategies and Intuitive Guidance System

Jennifer is adept at being disciplined and has created a discipline practice that she does everyday. She also understands that many people want to implement a daily practice into their lives but do not know where to start and why they should create this discipline for themselves in the first place.

Implementing a daily practice into your life allows you to create balance in your life, set up your day with intention, and learn to quiet the mind in order to receive inner guidance.

Being able to align with your TRUE purpose starts with being disciplined, you need to practice in order to better your life. Starting is the first step to creating a disciplined practice.

Once you have a discipline designed specifically for your life and purpose you will notice your intuition increasing and you will realize you are creating your life using your own Intuitive Guidance System.

Jennifer can help you with starting a discipline and provide encouragement to help you continue with it. If you keep with the disciplined practice you will see the results manifest into your life.  

Remote or In-Person Discipline Training Strategies

Available in Pacific Standard Time – available to clients in Canada and the United States

  • During a 1 Hour remote or in-person Discipline Training Strategy session you will first receive a 30-minute healing and during the second 30 minutes you will learn and practice a new discipline strategy that you will then be able to implement into your daily practice.
  • You can purchase the Discipline Training Strategies session one at a time or 4 sessions at a time for a discount.
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What is a Group Healing

Jennifer is available to host up to 15 people in her space in South Surrey, BC, Canada for Group Healings. Jennifer holds the space for the individuals in attendance and performs a healing ceremony. The healing ceremony is opened and closed with intention and involves clearing, cleaning and bringing light and blessings to everyone in attendance. Contact Jennifer directly to book.

Jennifer can also come to your space to provide Group Healings for a minimum of 5 people to a maximum of 25 people. Contact Jennifer directly to book.